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Depend on Clement Rock Road Auto Plaza for Personalized Finance Solutions

We can help you get a car loan even if you have bad credit

When you have decided it is time to purchase a reliable used automobile, previous economic setbacks like unemployment, divorce, foreclosure, repossession, or missed payments often result in an unfavorable credit standing and difficulties with gaining the required financial support. This usually leads to being turned down for a traditional auto loan or receiving outrageous rates that make ownership seem impossible. Clement Rock Road Auto Plaza recognizes the additional hurdles prospective buyers with poor credit face, which is why our secondary auto financing options put driving off in the pre-owned sedan, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV) that has caught your interest within reach. Let us help you start to overcome your credit struggles and work toward getting back on the right path.

Realistic Secondary Credit Approval Opportunities for St. Louis Drivers

Instead of just picturing yourself behind the wheel of the pre-owned automobile you want, make it a reality at Clement Rock Road Auto Plaza. As an alternative to conventional financing, we provide attainable subprime loans for applicants who are customarily excluded from the lending market and denied immediately because of bad credit scores, low income, a larger loan-to-value ratio, or various other reasons. Subprime loans involve increased interest rates due to a greater concern for repayment not occurring, but our team of finance experts uses extensive expertise to obtain the most reasonable terms for your monthly payments and the total loan amount in the end. We have assisted many of our fellow St. Louis MO residents in gaining approval for second-chance financing that placed the keys to a new ride in their hands. The same outcome can happen for you.

A Faster and Easier Way to Become a Car Owner

Clement Rock Road Auto Plaza offers another viable course of action for consumers who are dealing with financial troubles and need a used vehicle now. Guaranteed financing eliminates the worries of a credit check and being turned down for a standard auto loan from banks or similar institutions. We primarily look at your current job, income, and employment history to determine if you qualify for this specific form of financing. The down payment and interest are potentially higher when you have substantial past money problems; however, our diligent staff will work with you to arrive at amounts that both parties can agree upon and feel is fair. With guaranteed financing available, you are in the position to afford buying a pre-owned sedan, truck, or SUV today.

Your Second Chance Is Here

Although credit issues commonly make the process of owing a used car tougher, our dealership believes they should not prevent you from purchasing the means of transportation you need to improve your life and stay on schedule. We evaluate the circumstances (including risk factors) of each person on an individual basis and offer tailored lending choices based on your particular situation and what falls within your budget range, so you are more at ease with the final figures. Visit Clement Rock Road Auto Plaza to further discuss our auto financing possibilities that pave the way to you riding around St. Louis in a high-quality pre-owned automobile.